Are you interested in solar battery storage?

We are offering 3 phase grid –tied hybrid 5kw inverter : on grid, off grid and grid-tied into one machine plus 5 kw Tesla Principal Lithium ion battery

About the inverter:
The inverter is made with German and Japanese parts
During the day the inverter is supplying coverage for the load and charging the battery. Excess solar power is sent to the grid .
Intelligent design , simple structure , power control function , stable performance , safe and reliable
MPPT efficiency up to 99% , saving 30%-60% solar panels compared with traditional controllers
LCD display : mode, PV input voltage ,type of battery, battery voltage, charging current, charging power and charging status.
The battery and equipment can be effectively protected due to the broken circuit caused by the fuse in the controller circuit, although reverse connection occurs, which is equal to short circuit and can result in a large instantaneous current .
Automatic cutting off the circuit by the overland protection controller
The life of the inverter is minimum 10 years
The warranty of the inverter is 2 years